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Frequently Asked Questions

The Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program is essentially a very low-calorie liquid diet. While on the diet, the patient’s only nutritional intake comes from the 100% nutritional complete meal replacements provided. The meal replacements come in the form of soups, shakes, and puddings. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about the program.

Why is “medical supervision” required for this diet?

Because the diet is so low calorie we ensure all patients stay healthy with close medical supervision from our expert weight loss specialists. Our medical supervision is three-fold and requires patients to work regularly with our physician, nurse, and registered dietitian:

  • Patients are required to attend monthly appointments with our physician and have lab work done.
  • Patients must meet every week with our nurse, who monitors their health status.
  • Patients attend a weekly educational class, during which a registered dietitian teaches them about proper nutrition in order to prepare them for the transition back into a whole foods diet and long-term weight loss and management.

How many pounds will I lose a week?

Patients that are faithful to the diet lose an average of 3-5 pounds a week.

Does the food taste good? 

We use a product developed by New Directions. You can read more about the food here

How much does medical weight loss cost? 

Our weight loss program bills your insurance for the physician visits. We recommend that all patients contact their insurance companies before scheduling an orientation to verify if insurance will cover obesity-related physician visits. Food cost is never covered by insurance and typically runs around $95 a week. No outside food is needed.

I’ve been on a liquid diet before, and I gained the weight back very quickly. How is your program different? 

Our program’s five-week “adapting phase” helps patients re-introduce whole foods and increase their calorie intake. During this period, patients meet with our registered dietitian one-on-one and learn how to slowly wean themselves off the meal replacements. Focus on this transition gives the body time to adjust to dietary changes and gives the patient time to experiment with putting healthy eating habits into practice.

I’m interested in the program! How do I sign-up? 

The first step is establishing your eligibility. To sign up for one of our seminars contact us for more information. If you are a suitable candidate for medical weight loss, you are scheduled to attend a mandatory orientation. At this orientation patients learn how to follow the diet, receive a lab order and schedule their first, initial consult with a weight loss physician.

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