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Pack a Healthful Picnic This Summer

Posted: July 5, 2019

July is National Picnic Month. If you have a favorite spot at a local or state park, or plan to spend the day at the beach or on a hiking trail, this is the time to enjoy great food coupled with sunny weather. While your mind may be focused on the day ahead and seeing to the entertainment and safety of friends and family, remember that food plays an important role in both.

There is no one way to pack the perfect picnic – choose foods you enjoy and are compatible to your planned activities. Whether arranging for a healthful lunch or an all-day cookout, keep these tips in mind.

Keep it Cool. July brings the heat, even when you don’t feel like melting when you step outside. Use cold packs to keep sandwiches, fruit, and other perishables cool. You might not eat right away when you get to the park or beach, and you don’t want to risk spoiled food.

Cooking something ahead of time, like fried chicken? Make sure any hot food has cooled completely before packing.

Use Sealable Containers. While they take up more space than sandwich baggies, food containers with airtight lids are preferable when it comes to outdoor dining. Sealed containers are less likely to leak and work better in keeping food intact. In the event of leftovers, these containers also come in handy.

Use Clean Utensils. If your picnic basket or cooler comes with its own set of plates and utensils, be sure to clean everything before using, then again once you return.

Leave Nothing Behind. Leave nature as you found it. If using a park grill make sure the fire is extinguished, and dispose of all garbage. If you’re picnicking in a remote area, collect your refuse and take it with you.

Have questions about weight loss and management during the summer months? The physicians and staff at Bon Secours are here to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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