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Too Hot? Take Care to Exercise Safely

Posted: June 28, 2019

You want to get in your workout, but if the first step outside feels like you’re walking into an open furnace, it could dissolve your motivation. Summer heat may ebb and wane depending on where you live and when you’re able to move, but once you’ve committed to exercise you want to maintain a regular schedule. Adjustments to your routine can help you stick to your goals instead of falling off schedule.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can exercise safely when the temperatures rise.

Stay Hydrated: Not only is it important to take a water bottle on your walk or bike ride, but it’s recommended to hydrate before you exercise. Your body loses water during activity, and summer heat amplifies the process. If you don’t replace what burns away, you put yourself at risk of illness and/or injury.

Exercise Indoors: When temperatures hit triple digits, modify your routine to indoors. Try an indoor track at a local community center, drop in on a yoga class, or get your miles in at the local mall. You still need to bring water with you to hydrate as you exercise. 

Keep it Short: A workout doesn’t need to take a full hour to have a positive effect. Lengthy exercises in the heat may actually pose some risks if you’re not careful. Shorter routines designed to raise metabolism, like HIIT workouts, can provide the same benefits without leaving you languishing in the sun.

Speaking of “short,” the clothes you wear can impact your performance in the heat. You will sweat, and wearing less can help your body cool down easier. Think shorts instead of leggings, tanks instead of short sleeves, but ultimately wear what is comfortable for you.

Go Swimming: When you need time to cool off, swimming is not only an obvious option, but quite beneficial. According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, it’s a suitable and flexible exercise for anyone, offers a great cardio workout, and works all the body’s muscles. 

When you need guidance to reach your weight loss and maintenance goals, Bon Secours offers different options to suit your needs. Our team of physicians and professionals can match you to the right program and provide nutrition and fitness counseling, and answer all your questions. Contact us today to learn more.

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