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Eating Healthy in the Great Outdoors

Posted: June 14, 2019

June is National Camping Month, the perfect time to spend a weekend or longer enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. With kids out of school and mild to pleasant temperatures throughout the day, you can partake of all the traditional activities – hikes, bonfires, and sleeping in a cozy tent. Campfire meals don’t have to be heavy on calories or fat, either. If you plan ahead, you can enjoy healthy eating from the grill.

Where you camp can determine what you bring to the picnic table. Many commercial campgrounds sell packaged foods and other supplies, and may be located near city centers with grocery stores. A weekend or longer in a primitive area, like a remote state park or trail, requires packaging enough food for every meal. Lean cuts of chicken work well on the grill, but it’s important to keep it cold until it’s time to cook. Make sure all coolers are packed accordingly to keep raw meats fresh and safe.

Ready-to-eat foods are ideal for a camping trip because they require little to no preparation and they are simple to pack. However, you need to check nutrition labels. Granola bars are handy for a quick breakfast, but some brands contain more sugar than others. Same with individual boxes of cereal.

Another key factor in a successful campout to remember is hydration. Outdoor activities like hiking and cycling can leave you parched, and it’s important to have water bottles on hand so nobody withers in the heat. Water is preferable, but if you enjoy flavored drinks or sports beverages check for high sugar content.

At Bon Secours, we are dedicated to helping our patients reach their weight goals and work toward optimal weight management. We understand how food choices during travel can inspire anxious moments, too, and we are here to help. Contact us today for more information.

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