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4 Food Safety Tips for the Grilling Season

Posted: May 3, 2019

The grilling season is almost here. Warm weather beckons us outdoors to host barbecues and enjoy the company of family and friends. Good food plays an important role in weekend and holiday gatherings, and it’s important that everybody sitting down to the picnic table savors a meal without getting sick.

Part of eating right during weight management involves ensuring what you eat is safe. Before you fire up the grill, take note of these tips.

Seal uncooked meats. Whether you’ve planned a cookout at the park or in the backyard, it’s important to keep uncooked steaks, chicken, or fish wrapped tightly during transport. Raw meats can drip juices that may make you sick if you ingest them.

Do not wash raw chicken before cooking. Handling raw chicken can bring the risk of salmonella if you don’t clean your hands and cutting board afterward. However, it is not recommended to rinse the meat before putting it on the grill. The CDC reports washing chicken can spread the germs you’re trying to avoid.

Properly store cold foods. What’s a grilled burger without crisp lettuce and juicy tomato slices? To make sure they remain fresh, pack your vegetables and perishable in a cooler with ice or cold packs. Food should be stored at 40 degrees or cooler to stay safe.

Watch utensils and plates. The plates and forks you use to transfer raw meat to the grill shouldn’t be used to eat the cooked product afterward. It’s better not to risk food poisoning from ingesting raw juices that may linger.

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