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Watch Out For Fad Foods

Posted: January 18, 2019

With every year comes the hype for a specific “now” food, something all the cool kids have added to their daily routine after health magazines and/or influencers have alluded to its nutritional value. In years past we’ve stocked up on oat bran, kale chips, acai juice, butter coffee and other fad snacks in hopes of living longer and feeling better.

Maybe it worked for some people, and maybe others simply enjoyed them for the taste. Eventually a new food or beverage will find room in shopping carts, but it’s important to be mindful of the latest “health craze.”

Read the Labels

Trendy foods and beverages may taste great and have some nutritional value, but it’s important to follow a healthy eating plan that doesn’t rely on fads.

Look around your favorite supermarket, and you’ll find companies are aware of changing demands. Packaging lets you know that a certain bag of chips is free of GMO products, and whether or not a loaf of bread is gluten-free. If you suffer from allergies and food sensitivities, you know to check ingredient labels for red flags, but a person intent on eating better might read a bold font proclamation of organic or reduced fat and think the product is okay to add to their menu.

It depends. Check the nutrition labels to see where sugars, corn syrups, salt, and not-so-healthy preservatives fall in the ingredient list. A product boasting it is made with “real grains” or “real juice” may be sharing some truth, but you need to know how much of the “real” ingredients you are eating. Even if the food has only five percent of the “real” stuff, it can still make the claim.

Smart Choices Mean Good Nutrition

Fads come and go. What you wore twenty years ago may not be in style today. What you eat in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be determined by trends. Bon Secours offers different programs to help people break bad eating patterns and discover which foods are best for burning fat and raising energy. We offer nutrition coaching, fitness coaching, medically supervised weight loss and other programs designed to help you reach your lifestyle and health goals.

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