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The Best Snacks For Stress Relief

Posted: December 28, 2018

Have the holidays taken their toll yet? By now you’ve unwrapped the gifts, visited the relatives, and carefully navigated all the holiday meals. The New Year is about to dawn, and now that you have all the lights and holiday decorations placed where you want, it’s almost time to take everything down. If you feel as though you need a vacation to recover from Christmas vacation you’re not alone, but you should be mindful of the snacks you reach for when stress peaks.

Does stress encourage you to eat? In an ideal situation we eat when we are hungry, but in times when you need something to get you through the day, it’s important to choose snacks wisely. As you prepare for a healthier, happy 2019 here are a few items you may wish to keep at home or work when you get the urge:

Nuts: When stress takes hold, it can deplete your energy. Munching on a small handful of nuts like almonds, pistachios, or walnuts will give you a much-needed boost of B vitamins.

Avocado: Avocado toast isn’t just a trendy breakfast, it’s a great way to get your potassium, which can help lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress.

Tea: Chamomile and mint, among other varieties, can help soothe your nerves and aid in digestion. Tea is also rich in antioxidants, which provide other health benefits.

Kale: Like nuts, kale is rich in B vitamins and also contains magnesium, which is helpful in reducing stress. Try a small kale salad, or when you crave something with crunch, look for low-sodium kale chips.

Finally, if the call of something sweet proves strong, try some quality dark chocolate…in moderation. Dark chocolate contains flavanols which can help lower blood pressure, and can help your body produce serotonin to help you relax. Look for chocolate with a 70% or higher cocoa content.



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