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Do Diet Foods Really Help With Weight Loss?

Posted: December 14, 2018

With holidays approaching, along with the temptation of grand family dinners, gift foods and endless sweets, people may be more inclined to swap out their regular snacks and meals for low-calorie alternatives, and pre-packaged “diet” foods. Recently, reported that while the diet industry remains lucrative, certain products marketed to help people lose weight don’t necessarily deliver, and in fact do more harm than good.

What Makes a Food “Diet”?

Good nutrition plays a vital role in any weight management plan, regardless of goal weight. Specialty foods and beverages designed to curb appetites and assist in low-calorie intakes may come with caveats we don’t immediately see. The words “Light” or “Sugar-Free” on a label promise a respite from so-called junk food, but in fact can hinder your weight loss journey and/or your overall health.

Some foods to consider reducing in your nutrition plan, or leaving out altogether, include:

  • Diet soft drinks – Sodas with zero to ten calories per serving may seem preferable to their non-diet counterparts, but these beverages contain artificial sweeteners which have been shown to cause glucose intolerance and increase the risk of diabetes and related illnesses. (source: Nature)
  • Pre-packaged or frozen meals – Portioned, frozen meals are a staple of the diet food industry, easily identifiable in their boxes. While they provide convenience, it’s important to check the labels to make sure they aren’t loaded with sodium or added sugars.
  • Granolas and granola bars – One look at the nuts, oats, and other ingredients may give you the impression you’re eating healthy, but this is another food that may contain more sugar than you need. Check the labels and compare.

People considering a program to lose a significant amount of weight should consult with a medical professional beforehand. Options involving weight loss surgery and medically supervised weight loss have helped people reach and maintain goal weight. If you have questions about proper diet and nutrition, our staff is here to help. Contact Bon Secours today.

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