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Healthy Body Weight: Exercise Helps

Posted: November 13, 2018

healthy body weight, Bon Secours Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery, exercise, before weight loss surgery, lose weight, walk, walking shoes, Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss CenterWhether you’re trying to maintain a healthy body weight or shed excess pounds, exercise plays a pivotal role.

Additionally, you have to consider how many calories you’re taking in throughout the day to control your weight. Research shows that physical activity helps you stabilize your weight and lowers your risk of obesity and excessive weight gain.

In the latest edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, federal health authorities explain the role exercise plays when it comes to your weight. As many people discover for themselves, some people need more physical activity than others to reach a healthy body weight. In fact, many people need to exercise more than current recommendation of 150 minutes per week to maintain their weight.

The type of exercise you do also matters. If you’re trying to prevent weight gain, most people have success with moderate- or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity. It comes down to how much effort you have to put in while you work out. Working up a sweat while walking briskly counts as a moderate-intensity physical activity. Jogging or running qualifies as vigorous intensity. Building muscle also helps keep the weight off, but not to the same extent as aerobic activity.

Are you trying to lose weight? It’s best to combine physical activity and calorie restriction instead of focusing on one or the other. People who want to lose more than five percent of their body weight, may need to put more time in their workouts. Some people need five hours of exercise every week to meet their weight-control goals, according to the new federal guidelines.

If spending five hours at the gym every week seems impossible, try breaking up your workouts into smaller sessions. A 30-minute walk, twice a day might be easier to fit in your daily schedule than carving out an hour for the treadmill at the gym.

Weight-loss specialists help keep the weight from coming back.

Many people find the best way to lose weight successfully is to work with weight-loss specialists. At Bon Secours Surgical and Medical Weight Loss, we tailor a weight-loss plan to your individual health needs.


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