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Painful Joints: 5 Ways Losing Weight Helps

Posted: September 26, 2018

painful joints, knee pain, vitamin d deficiency, vitamin d, joint pain, knee replacement, joint replacement surgery, Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss Center, knee pain, total joint replacement, hipPainful joints from osteoarthritis can make it hard to get moving in the morning and to keep up with your daily activities.

Osteoarthritis, a chronic progressive joint disease, is caused by the increased force across the joint and inflammation in your body. If you have obesity, you face a 60 percent greater risk of developing osteoarthritis, which is also called OA.

Your symptoms and their severity often increase the more weight you carry. In fact, for every 11 pounds of weight gain, there is a 36 percent increase risk for developing OA, studies show.

Fortunately, losing weight can reduce joint pain and osteoarthritis symptoms.

Weight loss surgery is a safe and effective strategy for people who have obesity. Studies show that bariatric surgery is as safe as having hip replacement surgery or gallbladder surgery. It’s also an effective means for people to achieve lasting longterm weight loss. Improving joint pain is only one health benefit to weight-loss surgery. Many patients are able to stop taking medications for Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Weight loss improves painful joints

Here are five ways that losing weight improves and prevents joint pain:

  • If you’re a woman, your risk of risk of knee osteoarthritis drops more than 50 percent for every 11 pounds of weight you lose.
  • Weight-loss significantly improve the symptoms of patients with osteoarthritis by restoring function and quality of life and preventing more than 100,000 total knee replacements each year, studies show.
  • Intensive weight-loss, such as losing weight through bariatric surgery, can reduce inflammation. It also lightens the amount of pressure you place on your joints.
  • Regular exercise and weight loss can decrease the overall inflammation in your body.
  • Weight-loss helps prevent the onset of osteoarthritis symptoms and disability.

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