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Surgical Weight-Loss: A New Resolution

Posted: March 15, 2018

about surgical weight loss, surgical weight-loss, gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve, roux-en-y, gastric lap banding, the Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss Center, surgical weight loss programs, weight loss surgeons, bariatric surgeons, minimally invasive weight loss surgerySurgical weight-loss strategies work for many people. As spring gets underway, March is often the month many people reflect on their New Year’s resolutions and question whether they can ever successfully lose weight.

It’s easy to feel defeated by weight-loss resolutions for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your weight-loss goal wasn’t realistic. You might have tried to make too many changes to your diet. Or, you might have failed to create a system to hold yourself accountable.

If you’re struggling to lose weight and have obesity, weight-loss surgery might be an option for you. It’s not an easy decision to make by any means. And it shouldn’t be. Weight-loss surgery requires a lifetime commitment to making better choices for your health. You can’t keep off the weight you lose through surgery if you go back to unhealthy eating habits. Exercise also has to become a regular part of your routine.

The first step is to learn about weight-loss surgery and what it entails. Some people may not qualify for surgery. If you are a candidate for bariatric surgery, there are three main strategies to making sure you lose weight successfully.

Surgical Weight-Loss Strategies

Exercise and eat smaller portions. Find an exercise routine that works for you and your schedule. Try walking around your neighborhood for short periods of time a few times a day. Measure your food before you eat to make sure you don’t eat more than you should.

Keep your follow-up appointments. Evidence shows that people who keep their follow up appointments after surgery tend to keep their weight from coming back. If you’re starting to gain weight back, talking to your doctor can help pinpoint the cause.

Stay accountable. Keeping a food journal can help you stay accountable to how much you’re eating and the quality of food you’re eating.

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