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Workout Tips Before, After Weight-Loss Surgery

Posted: September 4, 2017

workout tips, strength-training, exercise plan, physically active, ways to exercise, exercise tipsWorkout tips can help you begin an exercise program safely and continue to meet your weight-loss goals after bariatric surgery.

If you haven’t been working out regularly, check with your doctor first to make sure exercise is safe for you.

Your doctor may prescribe a specific type of activity depending on your health. For some people, walking is the best form of exercise. For others, it may be swimming or riding a bike. No matter which activity you pursue, stay mindful of your goals and limitations to stay safe.

Workout Tips for Beginning Exercise Program

Here are some workout tips for staying safe during physical activity:

  • Wear the proper safety gear, such as a bike helmet if you are bicycling.
  • Make sure any sports equipment you use works and fits properly. The right shoes can make all the difference. If you’re walking, choose a shoe that’s specifically tailored for that activity. Make sure your shoes are wide enough and take into consideration the way you walk. Not all shoes are built the same.
  • Look for safe places to be active. For instance, walk in well-lit areas where other people are around. Be active with a friend or group. Try walking at the mall during your lunch hour.
  • Stay hydrated to replace the body fluids you lose through sweating and to prevent you from getting overheated. Drink water before you exercise and after your workout.
  • If you are active outdoors, protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and a hat or protective visor and clothing. Wear sunglasses.
  • Wear enough clothing to keep warm in cold or windy weather. Layers are best.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings. Music can be a great motivator but if you can’t hear a car approaching or someone trying to get your attention, it can be dangerous.
  • Try different workouts. The same exercise day after day can take a toll on your muscles and joints. Make sure to incorporate some strength-training exercises into your workouts. If you always take the same exercise class, try a different one. Ask your health provider or a qualified fitness professional for advice. Many exercises – including strength-training ones – can be modified for beginners.

Source: National Institutes of Health

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