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Exercise Tips Help Motivation

Posted: January 25, 2017

ways to exercise, exercise tipsExercise tips help everyone stay motivated. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or keep it off, exercise is key to successful weight loss.

That’s great if you love to work out. But most people don’t feel that way. And even those who like exercising often get bored with their routine. Boredom leads to lack of motivation. We all know where that leads and it’s not to the gym.

Exercise tips can help when working out feels like a hassle or a chore. Maybe you don’t have the time to exercise. Taking the time for a 30-minute walk may mean putting off important things that need to be done for work or family.

If any of these situations apply to you, try these exercise tips:

Find an exercise or an activity you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to do things you hate. For example, running isn’t for everyone. Don’t beat yourself up if you hate running. Instead, find something you like to do. It might be walking on the treadmill or taking a group exercise class at your local fitness center. Try a dance fitness class, such as Zumba®, or a cycling class if you like to work out while listening to music. If you enjoyed playing sports as a kid, find an adult recreation team.

Schedule exercise when it fits your schedule. If you know your workday is hectic and lunch at your desk happens way too often, don’t schedule your daily walk during working hours. It’s very easy to blow off exercise because work gets in the way. Try to get up earlier in the morning so you have time to walk before your commute. Or wait until you get home and make walking a routine that helps you unwind from a busy day.

Enlist a friend to work out with you. This strategy helps only if your friend is dedicated to working out and doesn’t cancel gym dates. The benefit is that a friend can encourage you to get to the gym and give you support. The pitfall is when your friend doesn’t feel like exercising, so you stay home as well. Another option is to befriend some of the people who take a group exercise class that you enjoy. Getting to the class still depends on your willpower but talking to them during class can help pass the time and make exercising more fun.

Keep track of your progress to stay motivated. If you’re just starting an exercise routine, make sure to write down how far you walked or how many minutes you spent in the weight room. You can also use a fitness tracker. Track your progress as the weeks go by and reward yourself when you reach a goal. Choose non-food rewards such as a trip to the movies or a new workout outfit.

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